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Media Preferences: Watercolours, pastels and acrylic inks

I began painting about 15 years ago after early retirement, although, I had  painted a bit in high-school, and did try to continue it as a hobby,  eventually child rearing and family duties erased artistic pursuits completely from my life. 

I began again with watercolours, probably the most difficult medium to master, and have since then enjoyed  trying many different media, learning new techniques, studying, and experimenting. Thus far my journey of exploration has taken me from watercolours, to pastels,  to gouache, to acrylic inks, to oils, to fluid acrylics, and  back to watercolours. I have also learned a bit about making original prints, and find that to be very enjoyable and challenging.

They say that you should do things to keep your brain cells active as you age, well, making art certainly can accomplish that! Sometimes overtime when the ideas flow, and you try to meet the challenge of executing those ideas.

I plan to paint until I can no longer hold a brush, learn  as much about art for as long as I possibly can, visit as many art galleries as time and travel allow, and always, always view this beautiful world  as a masterful artistic creation.

There is plenty of conveniently located parking on the square.

Judy Barker's Image Gallery