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Janet Marie Stanley

Artist’s Statement 2024


“I like a canvas to breathe and be alive. Be alive is the point. And, as the limitations are something called  pigment and canvas, let’s see if I can do it.”  Lee Krasner


Like Lee Krasner, I too engage with painting as life force energy. The act of working with pigment and other materials is both soothing and igniting.  Engaging and interactive, the work often takes on a life of its own and leads me to surprising discoveries. My job is to get out of the way and follow the connecting webs.

Making artwork is the best way I know to digest and integrate the ideas I am exploring. Working with my hands takes me out of my head and allows me to feel my way through to new ways of seeing.  If I’m lucky, I come away from the canvas altered – expanded – more alive.

As an abstract painter I’m more interested in capturing essence than likeness. I am constantly navigating between the seen and unseen worlds where the raw material of creation pulses like a heartbeat.  Both worlds access that fertile and magnetic field of pure potential where nothing is certain, and anything is possible.

I feel like I’m at the beginning of a brand-new chapter so am curious about what may be emerging now. After several years of integrating many influences and distractions (often delicious), I am ready to turn my attention back to painting and am both excited and nervous too, about where that will lead.

Whatever shows up, it is offered in support of Beauty, Balance, and Peace for All.


Artist’s Biography

“Life is sacred, Life is Art. Life is Sacred Art.” Gabrielle Roth

Janet Marie Stanley is a Visual Artist interested in the Transformational Energy of Creation. She has an honours degree in Fine Art from the University of Guelph.

Weaving together the diverse threads of early roots in social work and a lifelong interest in cultural diversity with a corporate marketing career followed by a late-blooming abstract painting practice, Janet is committed to fostering Beauty, Balance, and Peace for All.

Janet lives with her husband in Goderich, Ontario. She is energized and inspired by time with family, opportunities to study and travel and, most recently, the beauty of Lake Huron.


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