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May Visiting Artist

Fragments and Lines

by Melissa Walker

Opening Reception

Saturday, May 11 - 2-4pm


Hold On, by Melissa WalkerHold On, by Melissa Walker



“Fragments and Fine Lines” represents living life eclectically as a mom of a young child, a creative learner, and human being. Whether I’ve been using up bits of accidentally broken dishes, piecing together favourite bits from my grandparents’ correspondence during World War Two, responding visually to old passages from diaries, or just appreciating landscapes while in the car or outside with my family, all of these creations represent moments of being absorbed in something rich and meaningful.

All of this work, as implied by the title, is about honouring how the past and memory pervade the present and how, at the same time, life barrels forward. The small mixed media pieces show simultaneously the fragmented nature of living plus glimpses into a boundary-less truth. Some of the acrylics, which incorporate the letters of my paternal grandfather, a WWII army surgeon and my paternal grandmother, a young mother living in rural Ontario, show how seemingly idyllic landscapes can never fully rejuvenate in the human mind and memory because of a history of violence. The scars are proof of the lasting imprints of war on consciousness and the eternal process of healing.

If “Fragments and Fine Lines” lacks harmony in artistic medium, approach, and style, that is a result of the many ways lines get drawn, crossed, rubbed out, blurred in our navigation of this life physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I hope this body of work contains a little something that speaks to any planet dweller and star traveller.



Melissa Walker grew up in Goderich in the Maitland River valley. She currently lives with her husband and son in Stratford, Ontario, and teaches English and Visual Arts at the international high school, “Nancy Campbell Academy.” Melissa’s first passion in life has always been literature and writing, but art has been a close second and may soon share the podium with words.  



 Everything Fine Love, by Melissa WalkerEverything Fine Love, by Melissa Walker


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